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Napoleon at Meikleour Margaret Mercer Meikleour House by Bryce Duc de Morny Napoleon III


Arguably one of the finest private country houses in Perthshire, the 250 year old building was redesigned as a little French chateau in 1870 by the Scottish architect Bryce for Emily Mercer de Flahaut.
Emily was the daughter of the Comte de Flahaut, Napoleon’s favourite Generals, and of the very Scottish Margaret Mercer, daughter of the powerful Admiral Lord Keith. In pure French fashion the dashing Comte de Flahaut had fathered an illegitimate son with Napoleon’s step daughter, Queen Hortense. But a pragmatic Scott, Margaret Mercer was a good sport, and Meikleour House became a perfect summer hideway for the extended Napoleonic family. In the late 19th century what is now the East Wing drawing room was even called The Empress' bedroom after Empress Eugenie, familiar visitor of this part of the Tay. And by the way, Margaret Mercer had her revenge: she became Lord Byron’s "muse".

Today Meikleour is still the family house of the descendants of the Mercers, and history repeating itself –in a far more humble fashion though! - the new Laird married a French lady in 2006.

Staying at Meikleour East Wing is a unique experience of revisiting one of the most fascinating period of history, while enjoying indulgent modern comfort and breathtaking scenery. And if you are here to fish... this is simply heaven.

Did you know: Meikleour was once the hidden place of one of the 4 original death masks of Napoleon Bonaparte. The mask is now in a museum, but we still have some of the Emperor's dark locks!



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